Friday, April 26, 2013

Verlander Bobblehead Shenanigans

I didn't see yesterday's game, so let's discuss something interesting that happened when my wife opened her Verlander mini-bobblehead from the game on Wednesday. It didn't really look like Verlander. Observe. 

When I showed the exhibit to a friend at work, I said, "This doesn't really look like Verlander. Who does it remind you of?" His answer: "Fernando Vina." 

I'd say he nailed it. It's tempting to think that the company responsible for making this bobblehead re-used a mold they did for Vina. There's only one problem with that theory. Fernando Vina would've had to have had a bobblehead night. What would the theme have been there? Unlikely PED users? 

"Tonight, Vina! Friday, Alex Sanchez!" 

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  1. Kudos to your friend for remembering Fernando Vina and the 29 games he played with the Tigers!